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Hunger /disaster relief

We also offer inspiration,food safe awareness and management community meetings with  food program .

Hunger and disaster relief  is one of many services that the outreach provides to individuals ,families and communities. to help ensure the natural welfare of those who are in emergency crises due to lack of food .The organization has partnered with the Eastern central food bank of north Carolina to help target some of these issues. Unfortunately being that both organizations function off donations we try to minimize waste and strictly target needs.

Pluo youth treasure program

We offer many community events throughout the year to empower our youth to be them best selves.

We have many youth community events throughout the year to empower our youth to be them best selves.  ringing forth awareness, Educational tools,fun,and Hands-On activities but most of all unity amongst each other. 

Supportive resources

We offer supportive resources like pluo smiles at Christmas unity in the community, clothing closet

  The organization offers pluo Smiles at Christmas that helps individuals and families that may be experiencing financial crisis around the Christmas holiday's.The organization also offers unity in the community events. that brings forth positive networking amongst individuals and families of communities .we are able to join together in positive fun and networking events  while being  provided with safe educational Tools and resources to help make us all better people throughout our communities. We also offer extended helping hands to our senior citizens  by providing them with groceries and elderly care and appreciation through events specialized just for them.The organization also helps with disabled veterans ,mental disabilities physical disabilities and more making sure they are accommodated with the resources and help that best fit their situation. But most of all we have all of those that cross our path and are in need of our services without any discrimination or judgment for we all have experienced some hardship at one time or another. we're just doing our part as an organization to stand in the gap in a time of need by offering the supportive resources.